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    just making my face seen

    Nice to see some some familiar names on here, hope that with the Maiden BB closing that many others decide to join here.
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    What is your favorite serial Tv?

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    Maiden-fans against racism

    So there was a lot of politics involved? Not getting into anyones individual stories but you think that the people that were banned didnt deserve it one bit?? Just curious
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    Maiden-fans against racism

    People being banned for complaining about racism, not saying that it didnt happen, but that is hard to believe. There seems to have to be more to the story than just that.
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    are all of judas priest gay or is it just rob?

    Thats funny, the Turbo Lover was on VH1 Classic today and my wife asked me the same question. After watching them in that video I was asking myself the same question :)
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    Anyone know where I can download the Abba/Eddie vid from

    I looked for it for a few minutes, but I could not find it
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    Metallica is not metal!!!

    That is the gayest picture LOL
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    Time to crack open a beer..

    That was a great shot, as long as the Lakers do not win then I am happy. Damn I hate those guys
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    Time to crack open a beer..

    Triple overtime, what a game
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    I just bought Biceps Of Steel by Samson (featuring bruce)

    When I ordered it I thought that it was a live show, but was I wrong. That was a very strange video. Glad that I have it but not what I expected
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    Time to crack open a beer..

    Sounds like a plan, just got home work, another damn long workweek. Cracking open my first beer now :cheers:
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    I absolutely LOVE the FIGHTBOX section on the IM BB

    Now that I look around all the same people from those US bashing threads are on here also :edmad:
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    I absolutely LOVE the FIGHTBOX section on the IM BB

    At first I thought that the fightbox was a good idea but I got completly fed up with it after 2 days. The Mindless American Bashing threads were really starting to piss me off. I had to stay away from the board and I am glad it is down. I hope that it stays down for a while. I just started...
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    favourite computer game

    Madden, but when I was a kid I loved this game call Haleys Comet. It was the only arcade game that I ever finished, must of cost me hundreds of dollars in quarters. I have not been able to find that game in about 15 years now
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    Blonde or Brunettes

    Brunettes, without a doubt