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    BANNED for an mistake.

    Mcnurse, I do make part of two hubs and last night I did record this Papa Roach cd, so I can share with other people in another hub. I don't know what happened that I transfered to the wrong files and I wasn't aware about that. I just saw when you kicked me.
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    BANNED for an mistake.

    By accident I had one official release among my Maiden stuff and instead of warning me, Mcnurse just banned me. I never had problems with Maiden Hub. It was just a mistake. I already cleaned my files.
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    First Maiden Album You Listened

    "Fear Of The Dark", 12 years ago.
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    How old are you??

    21, from Brazil.
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    doyou look like a metalhead?

    I hate stereotypes. I don't have long hair anymore and I like to wear social clothes. That's the way I feel cobfortable.
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    your first bootleg?

    I can't quite remember. I think it was "Start To Kill".
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    ive just relised that no prayer for the dying is underated

    I love "Mother Russia" and "The Assassin". "The Assassin" live is wonderful. I have a few bootlegs from that era and that song sounds so 'kin great.... It's a shame they'll never play it again.
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    Now Playing

    "Heaven Can Wait" from "Donnington '03".
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    Best ever maiden gig you've seen

    "Rock In Rio" of course. I was there..hehe.. :)
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    Maiden England !!!!!!!!!!

    I love that video. Can't wait to see the DVD when they release of course..hehe.. I love the set-list. Steve's bass. "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son" live.... One of my favs.
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    Well, I don't like the set-list. "Give ME Ed...." had a better one. 16 songs? We had more on "Peace Of Mind Tour". I just can't believe that they're to old for this. Bullshit. The band's spitting fire everynight. "Can I Play With Madness" and "Lord Of The Flies" as surprises? Never. What they're...
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    I Just Can't Connect!

    I've been trying to connect the whole day long and I haven't been able to. Something happened? Cheers.
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    Glasgow Gig Report *spoiler*

    I'm disapointed with the band. The set list SUCKS. While other bands keeps doing something fresh and interesting, Maiden go on with the same stuff ever and ever. The new album production is the worse ever. It feels like the band is just doing their jobs.
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    Old Registration Thread

    Well, I used to download from Hub on July. Bobo, do you remember me? I passed to you the gig where Bruce mixes the cheese with the lyrics..hehe.. My brother deleted mu hub and I wanna to get back. Thanks.