What Gigs Are you going to?


The Plumber That Rocks
And lets not forget the epic....... Cup Snake 8)

They were doin such a good job clearin up the plistic beer cups LOL
Then Supergrass played Pumping on ur Stereo.........

It was a great gig the Foos...pity i couldn't get rid of a throat infection & general shitty feeling all day so watched Rocky slowly getting more & more pissed (ahem thats an understatement WANKERED) as day went on.....but it was great & ditto Rocky says as we nearly got stranded after the London Undergrounds Shitty fukin trains breakin down & South West Trains avin a fuckin stupid timed Last Train to get back home!!!....hopefully i will be totally wankered @ Twickers cos no matter what Lager I tried on saturday my infection made it taste shit!!!


The Plumber That Rocks
Zane Lowe hosts a Foo Fighters special including live music highlights from their weekend's Wembley Stadium gigs. 8)


From about 50 minutes into the show 8)

Is there anyway to 'get' the streaming audio off of this for da iPod :?


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Yeah man, they do podcasts of radio shows I'm sure of it..Ive never downloaded one though :err:

Definetley worth a look :banana:


The Plumber That Rocks
Looks like they just do highlight shows........
As this is like an hour & 15 it might not be done.......

Maybe I will find a way :evil:


The Plumber That Rocks
If anyone wants it here it is....... 8)

Its the best 12 from the 2 nites........

Linky :wink:

Its not the stream off the tinternet...... it is from the radio broadcast so better quality :banana: :banana: :banana:

But no Led Zep :(

........ right problems or summit

Think there is gonna be a DVD release soon :D


ICT jusst rang me..that saved me a fone call 8)

Just wanted to check if i'm the fc member or if Luke is....i'm sure i'd already told them that twice on the fone :?

Oh well.... details about hotel will be posted out soon :banana:


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I'd be a bit gutted, I'd like to see them and their new singer! Butttt, if I missed it I'd be a bit sulky.

So far I'm in favour of me going, cos it'll be on my birthday weekend :err: good enough excuse :D