What Gigs Are you going to?


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Can't see any similar threads. If I'm wrong......too bad.

What gigs are you going to in the near future?

I will be seeing:

Blaze Bayley - May 6th

Megadeth - June 13th

Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath) - November 17th

Australian Pink Floyd in Birmingham

Dream Theater in Newcastle

Metallica in Wembley

Thats it so far, maybe go and see Rush too 8)
Iron Maiden - Ljubljana 02/06
Dream Theater - Zagreb 07/06
Iron Maiden,Slayer - Venice 14/06
ManOwaR - Bad Arolsen 07/07

Bockaaarck said:
Going to see Within Temptation tonight in Bristol :banana: Shall be meeting up with the Wicky's and friend after work :D
Looking forward to it :banana: Will be good to see you again :D
just went on the Porcupine tree's official website about their next tour (the new album will be available on next April, 16th), and they will play at Paris on July, 3th. I have to buy my tickets (for me and killy 8) ) or maybe at Lille 2 days before (Lille is just near Killy's house :banana: )
rockin_plumber said:
......... thats my Birthday 8) but I call it July 3rd :err:

sorry :oops:

i will ask to Steve Wilson to dedicate a song for you 8) 8)

you don't know Porcupine Tree :shock: :shock: