The Member Diary

rockin_plumber said:
Driving to work this morning there was this woman behind me in a BMW
doing 90 mph whilst putting on eyeliner!!!
I looked away and looked back again and she was half way over the white line!!!

It scared me so much that i dropped my electric shaver which knocked
the bacon roll out of my other hand.
Trying to steer the car with my knees i dropped the mobile that was at
my ear into the coffee cup in between my legs.
The coffee splashed and burnt my balls :|


LOL LOL it's sad :|

do you use to shave in the car :?

and about your balls :? :|
rockin_plumber said:

did i bug :err:
ive bin so busy with my band , weve gone so farr in these last couple mounths :) weve sold cd's as far as u.s.a , down under , brazi and mexico and prob going on tour next year with 3rd room , ( signed italian band ) and have had 5 record companyzz ask us and one of them wa rising records tht have signed avenged sevenfold and trivium in the past , is all getting very xiting :D:D:D:D:D if any of you wanna come see us chech out our myspace cheers guys :D :banana: :banana: :banana:
today was a slave day :x

made the shops
the hoover
3 washing machine (hard to prepare :| )
prepared the firehouse
showed baby Ana
made some order in the house

today, we built (with the girls) the Xmas tree 8) 8)

Ana was really in the happiness. She passed the time to take off all the things that missy's girl was trying to install LOL LOL
Frenchy said:
today, we built (with the girls) the Xmas tree 8) 8)

Ana was really in the happiness. She passed the time to take off all the things that missy's girl was trying to install LOL LOL

Fantastic LOL

Will we see some pics of the tree Frenchy? :?
just thought i'd make a post explaining my whereabouts as I've not been posting much lately!

i found out i'm going to be losing my job in february next year, i work in a warehouse as a picker, picking stock for the other teams of the store to work. anyway, theyre doing away with the picking, so all the stock up there will be delivery. saves them money, but at the same time, jobs will be cut. mine included. :(

i'm quite happy as i've wanted out of there for a while now, i had alot of overtime which was cut recentley, so i'm down to part-time contract hours (which at this time of year as you can imagine is REALLY crap :| kinda glad i started my christmas shopping earlier this year, as i could see it coming).

so, i've been down the jobcentre alot, started over with my CV, which is now alot more full and i've been applying for jobs left, right and center! i think i've got plenty of time to find one in the 2 months i've got..just seems a bit tricky :|

while it has got me down as i REALLY dont want to be unemployed, and i'm worried i might be, i think if i keep my head up and keep my eye out for jobs, keep applying etc, i'll eventually get an interview :) some of you probably know, i want to work in a hospital/or in some form of care, so i've been applying for hospital jobs - online applications only, meh, but its better than doing nothing :|

if anyones got any tips for me on finding jobs etc, i'd be really greatful! :)
Yesterday evening, I had to change a lightbulb.
A bit later on, I crossed the road and walked into a bar.

I realised my life was a big joke. :D
Knackered tonight :|

Had a nice day though....spent the morning christmas shopping, got loads done :banana:
Took Luke to get his lip glad he didn't want me to go in with him :oops:

Then went straight from Exeter to Jakes school christmas play, was lovely :banana: Except for when one boy burped into the and my friend were the only 2 in hysterics when everyone else stopped laughing :err:


Spent all evening writing cards with Jake and wrapping up little pressies for his teacher and classroom assistants

I'm going to sleep well tonight!
Dont think I've put a picture of me up with my short hair, so here goes..

Picture from this weekend, before me and Emily went out!

Walking to town today I saw this sign that said...........
"Pavement ahead closed. Please use other side"

It made me cross. :x :x :x :x :x