now thinking

I hope we will get a full 8 days of the decorating job but we're finishing things so fast that it looks like we'll be done well ahead of schedule.
Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be incredibly cold. Well under freezing. I ordered some gear that should help but it's not like arctic-rated stuff, which is damn expensive :oops:
It was rough today. Working out in the cold all day. My hip hurts from slipping on that stupid temporary flooring and we did a ton of walking :(
Today could have been worse. I'm glad I didn't have to pull all the fake snow up. It was soaking wet, icy in spots, and it looked really gross. My coworker did it and had to wring water out of her gloves a few times :eek:
Thinking about getting a subscription to Guitar World again. It's a really good price and they always had guitar tabs for several songs each issue thinkingface.png
What is up with people driving like they don't see me?? I had two cars going right through the crosswalks when I was just trying to cross the damn street tonight