now thinking

Moved my avatar slightly. I'm thinking of making a larger copy so I can get more detail in it. Her triforce earring is cool and I can't fit her face and ear in the same space unless I tinker with it all.
I have no idea if I'll get that apartment I applied to. One of my potential roommates backed out of it and it won't go through unless there's a third person :(
It sucks because that was a nice place, a good location, and I could definitely bring my cat. So many people don't want pets in their place anymore. I'd like to be able to live without roommates but I can't afford it :(
I wonder what happened this morning a few blocks over. I was on my way to the train station and there were a bunch of cop cars in front of a house and people standing around looking shocked. Went past it just in time to see them lift a gurney with a body bag on it. Rest in peace, whoever you are :(
I am wondering what colors of gingham to get for miniature stuff. Red is a must. Pink, black, maybe green?? I have light blue which only cost me $1.30 :cool:
I made a very small basket with a handle, like an easter basket. I'm wondering about rectangular baskets. I would need something with the right shape to form the spokes around thinkingface.png
Feeling bad because I was trying to respond to an email from the apartment people and my cat attempted to jump on my keyboard twice. I had to push her off really fast so she wouldn't hit anything and mess up my computer and the email that was in progress :(
Omg, this apartment application has been the most painful, arduous shit imaginable. What happened to me giving you my damn paystubs and you making a few phone calls and then deciding yes or no :rolleyes:

Or my favorite, the landlords who just want a conversation with you and deciding from there??

Like, I'm good for the money, I've never done any criminal activity, and I'll keep the place clean. Emails to verify stuff don't mean anything! I know how easy it is to create an email for any business. That could be me typing in all the info in response to their verification emails :rolleyes:
So I did not get the apartment and one of the other potential roommates got turned down too. They said I didn't make enough money and I believe that's what they told the other person. But the other-other roommate, who absolutely makes less money than me, was accepted. I think these managing offices are full of shit :mad: