this post will probably get me banned but nevermind, i find it funny

what's the difference between Neil armstrong and michael jackson?

a. neil armstrong was the first man on the moon...

and michael jackson f***s kids up the ass
kp_mikey said:
oh um, lol well i found it funny, maybe it's a joke that's better told in real life and no internet life

Yeah but the difference is meant to be relevent to both things...
Thats what I thought anyway :err:


What's the difference between a gay and a microwave?
A microwave won't brown your sausage.


What's the difference between AIDS and cancer?
When you have cancer you still get visitors.


What's the difference between a Chav and a coconut?
One's thick and hairy, the other's a coconut

you get it now :D
Three girls are on a beach, and while they're there, they see an old man. The man has no arms, no legs and he's blind.

The first girl, feeling sorry for him, walks up to him and asks "Have you ever been hugged?"
the man replies "No". So the girl gives the man a hug and goes back to her friends.

The second girl, also feeling sorry for him, goes up to him and asks "Have you ever been kissed?"
the man replies "No". So the girl kisses him and then goes back to her friends.

The third girl walks up to the man and asks "Have you ever been fucked?"
the man replies "No". The girl says "Well you are now because the tides coming in!"

I just got told off by an Indian gentleman in a call centre LOL

He wanted to know if I had loft insulation & cavity wall insulation...
I informed him I had loft but no cavity insulation...

This made him perk up LOL

So he said Mr Rockin (not my real name :wink: ) how do you spell your first name..
I said.. M R
He said no you missunderstand your first name Mr Rockin...
M R........ I replied again...

Then he informed me that this was a serious call and it was being recorded LOL

I then asked him how he was going to get the cavity wall insulation into my walls as it is an old house and there is no cavity.

I was then reminded that it was a serious call and all calls are recorded... he was very stern :err:
He then said I have been wasting his time LOL

I informed him he was wasting my time and not to call again :suck:

This call went on for about 15 minutes as I made him keep repeating himself coz I didnt understand him :evil:

Man comes home and catches his mate shagging his wife so he stabs him to death.

His missus says, "Fucking carry on like that and you wont have any mates left."

:D :D :D