English premier league


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edge_of_the_wire said:

In 1990, 20 years ago, Liverpool was crowned English champions for a record 18th time. Then came Manchester United, who successfully defended its crown for the 18th time last year, equalling Liverpool's record. However, the question is - Can Liverpool, currently in 7th position in the league, race to the top of the table and regain its crown from United for the 19th time? We'll never know.



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it's not noddy's world edgy :|

even if i hope the best for liv', it's impossible mission when you have Chelsea and ManU at the top !!


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Hi Frenchy :banana: :banana: :banana:
Been away a few days :wink:

Its sad to see him go.......
But he hasn't done a lot since 2005 :|

I say give King Kenny the job


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Frenchy said:
Liverpool started some discussions with Didier Deschamps to train the reds rocky :metal: !!!!!!

Along with many others LOL

Until I see the press conference nothing is signed sealed and delivered :wink:

First thing that needs to happen is kick out the owners :|