your first bootleg?


Newcastle 86 was my first bootleg on tape, because my relative was at the gig and taped it :) since that bootleg i have gone mad with getting as many as i can :banana: :banana:


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My first was before the exile. Ashamed to say i bought it off ebay (before I discovered trading). My favourite is tanks over the tyne - I was at the show. I got MP first but now have lossless.

As far as DVD is concerned - my first was Nissau 2006 (again from the same ebay seller). My most recent (and current favourite) is Highland Legacy.

Got this from Wrathchild at :banana:


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"Live at Marquee Club 1985" (secret gig). I got the original bootleg of this show in vinyl format. As i didn't know it was an unofficial recording and i had never heard any bootlegs, i thought that the poor LP sound quality were due to the presence of some scratches on the vinyl! LOL
I didn't imagine it was an audience recording... :roll: