your first bootleg?


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Hammersmith 83'. It was an LP that was pressed in South Africa. Missing Hallowed Be Thy Name, To Tame a Land, drum & guitar solos. I still have it and it the LPs are thick as hell!!! I also dubed the infamous NYC show off the radio. As memory serves, they played it around 10 pm (I was living in Las Vegas at the time), and my brother and I were soooo excited that Maiden was going to be on the radio... That tape, went missing a few years back...

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I think my first bootleg was Good-Bye Bruce, the same show that is recorded on the Raising Hell home video. The quality is awful but there are nice instrumental tracks in this cd.


Leicester ´86 DMM. It came in same trade with Give Me Ed, Helsinki, but I listened it first.

Many mp3 legs before it, I don´t remember these...


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Bristol 86 on tape (it wasn´t even the complete show, only 6 songs or so)

And complete, probably Madrid 90 on tape (recorded from the audience and with really a very bad sound)


Hmm.. finally I'm getting my first CD-bootleg via snail mail. It's Iron Maiden - Helsinki 2003-12-21 - Heavy Metal Capital. And in the same load there comes a DVD (half of the set) from 21.12. and Dortmund proshot TV-cast.


My first bootleg was Copenhagen 90 on tape. I think that was 8 years ago.

There seems to be a lot of bootleg collectors these days. When I started it only seemed to be a few hardcore fans that seriously traded tapes.

The lossless hub has helped me. It used to cost me a lot of money sending 50 tapes over to Europe haha LOL