your first bootleg?


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well since i know what is a bootleg now....mine is of some maiden concert in japan - year unknown, venue unkown. i know there are only stuff from killers and iron maiden on that cd so i think that is from early 1980s. but it's not the whole concert only 6 songs so i could be wrong.


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My first wasn't a bootleg as such but the BBC Transcription service LP of Donington 1988.
Maiden on one side of the disc and a Gillan show from Reading (I think) in 1980.

That was in 1992 or so, before that I'd never thought of bootlegs and, at the time couldn't afford many others, although I did get some vinyl (not Maiden). It bot being until the last few years that I've really got into it in a big way.

As someone once screamed. "All those Wasted Years" :|


Toronto 83 on cassette, a third of the show was cut out and it was shit quality, but I was the only one in school with a maiden boot in 1987 LOL


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1983 England was my first then a first months later it was Dybano, although I did buy a few videos on Ebay a year before.

My very first bootleg of any band, and dont laugh was JEWEL. Yeah yeah, downloaded them for an ex-gf anyway, I had about 50 of hers first.


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my first boot?
it's ...
Stockholm 1998 - Isstadion, Stockholm - Sweden, 25/09/1998

very, very good boot !