Why Maiden?


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Picard said:
Friend brought me Best of the Beast album, I liked it and downloaded first individual songs then whole albums (now I have Number of the Beast, Peace of Mind, Killers, and Powerslave too).
nice debut 8)


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I feel like such a newbie in here :? I'm 16, and I've listened to Maiden for only 3 years. I started to play the guitar, listened to Metallica and punk about 3 years ago. Metallica got very boring. I asked my dad for tips, and he put on Killers. I was spellbound...


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It was the early 80:s. I started in a new school, I knew nobody, but a classmate had a new cassette with maiden.
It was Piece of mind, I burrowed it and I was hooked. Now I´m 39years old and maiden has my heart and soul in a grasp. Iron maiden IS my religion and every time they release a new record, I get it in vinyl first. I´v got all their albums on vinyl, CD and in my hard drive. :edmetal:


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Because they're awesome :cool:

I got into them back around the time Brave New World was released. My sister was dating this guy who had a good collection of metal and he lent me his albums. Now I have a ton of great music and a very cool brother-in-law.