Why Maiden?

I wanted t hear them beceasue my uncle loved them. I liked them and bought NOTB. Then I started to love them and... yes. :p
Good topic for a first post :)
1983, when I was 16, I listened to a lot of British metal, like Saxon and Judas Priest. One of my mates played me a song called Run to the hills by this band I'd never heard of, Iron Maiden. I was hooked. Went to see them in Gothenburg twice, on the Piece of Mind tour and Powerslave tour and the rest, as they say, is history. It's the only music from those days that I never have grown tired of which I think says it all, really.
Iron Maiden's music lasts a very long time and if anything it gets better with age :D With Dance of Death I was even more hooked in my late 30s than in my teens :shock: and still am. I'm really looking forward to the new album since Ben Breeg is a great song, I think!
Two years ago a swedish mate of mine and I were just sitting there listening to our mp3s, we swapped round and the first song he showed was the almighty epic Fear Of The Dark-At rock in rio. :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

I loved what I heard and bought the newest maiden album-Dance of death and I couldn't stop listening to it (especially paschendale and dance of death) :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

and the rest, they say, is history. :bananallama: :bananallama: :bananallama:
Friend showed me Fear of the Dark, and I was like :shock:

I'd only ever heard Run to the Hills and whenever it came on Kerrang I'd be like "Turn that shite off." but after hearing Fear of the Dark I was in shock.
My friends brother was into them like a religion and i was over to his house one day and i heard fear of the dark and well you know the rest..
wasted years was the first song i learnt ever on the guitar...now i play notb fear of the dark wasted years with my eyes shut....
after wasted years....nothing ever came 2 my mind except maiden :D :D :D
The first song I heard,when I was about 11 from Iron Maiden was Tailgunner and I didn't liked it at all and didn't listen to the others..then while doing my homework,I let the radio play with the NPFTD album in it and I still didn't like it until it reached No prayer for the dying which I liked instantly and then the others were awesome run silent run deep,the assassin,bring your daughter,mother russia etc..finally I loved the entire album,then I bought FOTD and this was greater,so I decided to get all available albums..and it's been almost 11 years that I'm listening to them and I never get bored..Maiden are the GODS!!!