What Gigs Are you going to?


The Plumber That Rocks
Reef.... Wrong act for this Britrock Must Be Destroyed line up, left after 4 songs!!!
On the bright side as we left early KFC was still open so managed to grab a Zinger Burger :cool:
Thanks Reef, that's the best thing you did all night :rolleyes:

I did feel quite bad leaving after only 4 songs, but they were awful.
They played their only hit 3rd song in, so everyone heard that one then the place started emptying...
And reading reviews on Twitter we weren't the only ones who thought this.
It was emptying song by song.

It was luck of the draw for who was on last, it was like a triple headline tour, each band got an hour and the last band got 75 minutes.
The running order for each date was decided before the tour started.
And out of the 8 dates reef have the 75 minute slot 4 times :eek:

To be fair Terrorvision were amazing and had more energy walking onto the stage than the 4 songs I saw Reef perform......
Also The WIldhearts was a bonus as I didn't know what to expect from them