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Hengifoss, Iceland

The waterfall is pretty neat but the cliff behind it has a fascinating story. It's all volcanic rock that built up over time and the red stripes show when volcanic eruptions occurred. Volcanic ash has a lot of iron in it, which is what made those layers red. :cool:




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It's October so it's a good time for spooky stories cool.gif

The Angel of Death Victorious is a life-size bronze statue sitting on Francis Haserot's grave in a cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. It's also known as the Weeping Angel because of the black "tear stains" that have formed on its face due to the aging bronze. The angel is holding an extinguished torch which symbolizes the triumph of death.

The tomb has been there for almost a century so there are plenty of local legends about it. Some people claim to have seen the angel move or cry and it's said to walk around the cemetery at night.

The angel's sculptor, Herman Katzen, is buried in the same cemetery.