The all new what are you doing now thread

Looking for translucent clay. The craft store was totally out, the art supply store is closed because they're moving, the cheaply-priced online sellers have bad reviews, and the high-priced online sellers have good reviews but are asking for too much o_O
I bought the cheapest option among the highly-priced sellers. Feeling like I've been spending my whole life just waiting for things instead of doing them :confused:
Playing Animal Restaurant and wondering if I should try to get to the store. I need to clean the cat's litter box but the snow is more than ankle deep.
And wondering what happened to the clay I ordered? I got an email a few days ago saying it was out for delivery but nothing since then.
About to renew my driver's license online. They don't want anyone coming to the building because of covid. I have to use the same ugly picture though. Wish I could retake that o_O
I just spent 2+ hours trying to shape the clay into miniature bread. I want to look at them in better light before baking but I think they turned out pretty well for my first try :)