The all new what are you doing now thread

Heard a car accident and went outside to check on everybody. All the people are fine and there is one mildly damaged car and one severely damaged car at the end of our block.
That moment of confusion when you wake up after daylight savings o_O The clocks all say different times and you're not sure which one is right so you google the time.
Transferring stuff from my old phone to my new one o_O Whatsapp and Signal were sort of complicated. Now I have to try to get my old texts o_Oo_O
I did not have so many companies harassing me the last time I bought a phone :rolleyes: Google needs to fucking cool it about setting up my phone. I'm not paying for storage, either. :rolleyes: The darkside needs to stop sending me notifications about every fucking thing. I don't care :rolleyes:
Ripping October Rust so I can put it on my music player.

I've needed new, good music to listen to on my commute. New to me, at least. I know this album is from the 90s anorak.png