The all new what are you doing now thread

Then I listen to it and the album is defective o_O Skipping often and with this choppy static sound.

I knew I should have gotten a brand new one. This one was classed as in very good condition but upon opening the case I saw the booklet had been waterlogged at one point and all the pages were stuck together. The cd looked fine but obviously wasn't.
Listening to a sort of escalating argument happening one room over. One roommate has a friend over and she is listing everything wrong he's ever done. Why are ya'll friends, she sounds obnoxious as hell o_O
Just got back from feeding my old roommate's guinea pigs. The weather was fucking wild: raining hard, eerily warm and windy. It kept turning my umbrella inside-out. Now I have learned there were active tornados in the state and elsewhere o_O
Little random chores because I think I'm going to be very busy this week. My old roommates bought a house and they asked me to help clean it. We leave early tomorrow. I hate getting up early but I'm doing it for them