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The Plumber That Rocks
Deciding how best to deal with my ebay seller.... :evil:

Hiya, have you recieved this item yet? if you have, could you please
leave feedback? I will do the same for you. If not, let me know. Kind

begging for feedback pisses me off :|

The Aquadial Scale Inhibitor did arrive in perfect time but until I fit the
item I do not know it is ok which will probably be next week sometime.

I am waiting as the packaging is damaged and want to make sure it is ok
before I leave feedback. Either it was damaged before it left you but as
this is not mentioned in the listing I assume this isnt the case... OR... It
was damaged in the post, in which case it wasn?t packaged sufficiently.

Either way I will contact you if there is a problem before I leave you
feedback so you will not have to worry about that.

And direct from ebay feedback guidelines...

Buyers and sellers should leave Feedback within 60 days from the end of
the listing.

As a best practice, sellers should always leave Feedback after receipt of
payment or once payment has cleared. When buyer receives positive
Feedback, it starts a positive transaction experience.

And finally feedback is voluntary not compulsory.


Any more emails and the bitch gets a neg :|


The Plumber That Rocks
wicky said:
LOL LOL Love it! I might use that sometime LOL

Whats a Aquadial Scale Inhibitor :err:
It stops a boiler scaling up...
Got it for a mate of mine...
Too stoopid to use a PC LOL

And I got a reply :shock: :shock: :shock:

Gosh, sorry i didnt mean to offend you by sending the email in any way
at all. I just wanted to know you'd recieved it thats all.

I sold 4 of these, and all were packaged in the same way, and the others
have recieved theirs in perfect condition, so i cant understand why you
havent? It was wrapped in bubble wrap and cardboard so shouldnt have
been damaged?

Once again im sorry if the email upset you. No one else seemed to be
offended and i didnt get a rude reply like that from anyone else.

Kind regards.

:shock: :shock: :shock: RUDE

:shock: :shock: :shock: ME



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Playing Gears of War and eating jelly babies.

First saturday night home in ages.

Not as boring as I thought it'd be :roll:


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rockin_plumber said:
afraidtoshooteddie said:
rockin_plumber said:
:err: nice

It's a fetish :D

Not really. It helps settle the skin after tattooing. :banana:
I used Savlon when I got mine done......
I got addicted to it I think LOL
Bepanthen is supposed to be the new 'IN' thing to use. When I had the Trooper done years ago it was haemorrhoid cream (removes itching and redness LOL )