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Djibril Cisse celebrated his wedding to fiancee Jude Littler in style on
Saturday when he wore a bright red suit and red top hat in the colours of
his team Liverpool.
The Reds number nine wore a red three-piece suit at the ceremony in
Bodelwyddan Castle in Wales on Saturday.

Cisse said: "The wedding went extremely well. Jude is a beautiful woman
and I am proud to call her my wife. We are both very happy."

Congrats to you Cisse :banana: :banana: :banana:
Did post this in the Champion League thread....
Just posting it here for all you football haters. :|

Jamie Carragher today dedicated his first goal in over six years to
Michael Shields, the Liverpool supporter jailed for 15 years in Bulgaria for
a crime somebody else has claimed responsibility for.

Shields, from Wavertree, has protested his innocence ever since being
charged by Bulgarian police with the attempted murder of waiter Martin
Georgiev in the aftermath of Liverpool's Champions League final victory
and despite another man delivering a sworn statement admitting he
committed the attack, the 18-year-old was found guilty and sentenced to
15 years in prison on Tuesday.

:( This is absolutily shocking

YNWA Michael Shields :fist:

Online petition if ur intersted :|
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