Acoustic & Chipmunk Versions Of Maiden Classics!


Since I've been posting these quite successfully on other Maiden bulletin boards, I thought I'd add them here too!

For those who haven't heard my work before, I record both original and speeded-up "Alvin & The Chipmunks"-style acoustic versions of classic Maiden tracks! :)

Due to the need to constantly re-upload the tracks after they expire on sites like etc, I decided to put them all on a separate page over at for playing directly, and on the site of fellow IMOC poster, nicko2n, for downloading. Here are the addresses :

The current tracks I've recorded are :

1. Can I Play With Madness
2. Reach Out
3. Phantom Of The Opera
4. Back In The Village
5. The Ides Of March / Wrathchild
6. Still Life
7. Strange World
8. Fear Is The Key
9. No Prayer For The Dying
10. 2AM
11. Quest For Fire
12. Only The Good Die Young
13. To Tame A Land
14. 2 Minutes To Midnight
15. Twilight Zone
16. The Mercenary
17. Sun And Steel
18. Montségur
19. The Prisoner
20. Déjà-vu
21. Como estais amigos
22. 22 Acacia Avenue
23. Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
24. The Prophecy
25. Run Silent, Run Deep
26. Alexander The Great
27. Genghis Khan
28. The Loneliness Of The Long-Distance Runner
29. Prodigal Son
30. Chains Of Misery
31. Gangland
32. The Thin Line Between Love And Hate
33. Childhood's End
34. Innocent Exile
35. Hallowed Be Thy Name
36. Fates Warning
37. Charlotte The Harlot
38. When Two Worlds Collide
39. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)
40. The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
41. Judgement Of Heaven
42. Remember Tomorrow
43. Rainmaker
44. Murders In The Rue Morgue
45. Sign Of The Cross
46. Different World
47. I've Got The Fire
48. Another Life
49. The Nomad
50. Iron Maiden
51. The Longest Day
52. Revelations
53. Purgatory
54. Lightning Strikes Twice
55. Drifter
56. Flash Of The Blade
57. Killers
58. Gates Of Tomorrow
59. Infinite Dreams
60. The Clansman
61. Transylvania
62. Wasting Love
63. Blood On The World's Hands
64. Invaders
65. Running Free
66. Nodding Donkey Blues
67. Where Eagles Dare
68. Look For The Truth
69. Prowler
70. Caught Somewhere In Time
71. The Educated Fool
72. Women In Uniform
73. The Pilgrim
74. The Aftermath
75. Burning Ambition
76. Fear Of The Dark
77. Don't Look To The Eyes Of A Stranger
78. Invasion
79. Hooks In You
80. The Unbeliever
81. Sanctuary
82. Ghost Of The Navigator
83. Futureal
84. Face In The Sand
85. The Angel And The Gambler
86. Black Bart Blues
87. Fortunes Of War
88. Children Of The Damned
89. Virus
90. The Duellists
91. The Edge Of Darkness
92. The Evil That Men Do
93. Doctor, Doctor
94. Flight Of Icarus
95. Lord Of The Flies
96. Sea Of Madness
97. Judgement Day
98. Brighter Than A Thousand Suns
99. Man On The Edge
100. Paschendale
101. Justice Of The Peace
102. Judas Be My Guide
103. I Live My Way
104. Mother Russia
105. The Wicker Man
106. Total Eclipse
107. Aces High
108. Moonchild
109. Die With Your Boots On
110. Stranger In A Strange Land
111. The Legacy
112. Wildest Dreams
113. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
114. That Girl

I will gladly take requests but bear in mind it takes a wee while to record one of these all by myself since I need to do all the overdubs and mixing etc too!

Hope you enjoy them and please let me know what you think of them!


I have heard them before, really good :D I love the chipmunks! My son is doing a funny dance to Phantom LOL


Glad you and your son like them :) I first created one of the Chipmunk ones as an experiment and found that they often sounded better than the originals :eek:


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These are awesome :banana:

If you ever need a more permanent home, we'd be happy to host them here at Maiden-World

we have tons of bandwidth to handle them :)