Worst Maiden Song

The Apparition, The Unbeliever, Angel And THe Gambler - just because chorus repeats too much, 4 minute version would be a killer...
Wow! I thought they were finally breaking new ground with Satellite 15 and then comes the catchy, but average rocker Final Fronteir. It was like Maiden was saying we are changing things up and then pull that rug out from under us with a song that sounds reminiscent of that old April Wine classic. I understand the simplification of their music in response to the dense arrangements of AMOLAD, but it was a disappointment. Thankfully they raised the bar again with songs like Mother of Mercy and Starblind.
Is there a bad Maiden song?


Guess I would have to make a list of most awesome to least awesome and then post the last one listed.
That would be very difficult.