Worst Maiden Song

Lest favourite Maiden tracks (no order):

-The Nomad
-The Fallen Angel
-Angel And The Gambler (long version)
-The Apparition
I don't like the Fear of the Dark period.
Songs as:
From here to eternity
Fear is the Key
Chains of Misery
Weekend Warrioir
The Apparation
Wasting Love
are quite poor IMO. Not Maiden like.

But...............most of the songs of them are just GREAT!
ill go with both
No more lies & The angle and the gambler. only because the repeated chorus just annoys me. other than the chorus I love those tunes.
I just can't find one... there are several that I can't listen when I'm not in mood (mostly slowest ones) but I can't define single one to be 'bad'.
hahaha Die With Your Boots On... I still love that dopey song... but the songs that are truly bad are the ones that bore...

Out Of The Shadows
Fear Is The Key
Chains of Misery

are all serious contenders... but I just never understood

The Angel and The Gambler...

it's like Iron Maiden reinterpreting the works of Juice Newton and Kenny Rogers.

And Prowler rocks dude!