What Gigs Are you going to?


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Iron Maiden were fucking AWESOME, as always :cool:

It was pretty much the same as the London shows, with the stage design and the setlist. The Raven Age are growing on me, I think they rocked harder than they did last time eddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gifeddiemetal.gif

I was about 7 people back from the barrier, slightly left from center.
I was so close I could see drops of sweat on their faces... and Bruce's package outlined through his trousers :oops:


The Plumber That Rocks
Monster Truck are playing Southampton in November....
Same week as Airbourne....
Don’t mind if I do :cool:

3 times in a year....
The venues are getting smaller as they go...
Wembley Arena 12,000
Electric Ballroom 1,200
Now Joiners Southampton 200....


The Plumber That Rocks
Shinedown and Alter Bridge on the 21st :D

Sevendust have had to pull out as their drummer is in hospital :(
Looks like The Raven Age have stepped in to continue through the UK.....
Better get some tunes downloaded to sample :cool: