What game are you playing right now..

afraidtoshooteddie said:
Gta Vice City 8)

Can't wait for the new one on PSP.

Hopefully the soundtrack will be as good 8)

I loved almost every radio station on that game, V Rock, Emotion, Wildstyle, Fever and Flash 8)

Also, the whole game was just amazing 8)

Scarface will be the game for me this year :D I cant wait for that to come out
Ben said:
Was on Vice City, but I got a bit bored of setting fire to dirty Haitians :x :x :x

Do they still have the line of Harry Crishnas in the orange robes that
was in the first one that you used to mow down :?
Ben said:
I dont remember the first one :err:

I'm in the GTA3 generation :D

Triad to find a screen shot but couldnt :(
This was back in the days b4 it was 3d LOL LOL LOL
All overhead shots LOL

found this though

gouranga - when you play gta 1 you can usually find a line of Hare
Crishna monks (the orange guys) if you kill them all at once gouranga
apears in big letters across the screen/.

LOL LOL LOL Those were the days
Bockaaarck said:
I'm switching between Red Dead Revolver, Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow and Driv3r :shock:

I like games :D
so do i LOL LOL LOL mum never see's me cos im upstairs playing on the xbox,gamecube,and ps2 LOL
This week, I have mostly been playing, G.R.A.W. (Tom Clancy's >Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter) on Xbox360 8) Shooting futuristic Mexicans :banana:

Next week I will mostly be playing Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Stories 8) on PSP.