What game are you playing right now..

afraidtoshooteddie said:
Need to get a new one.

Finished the new Tomb Raider one. Finished the King Kong one.

Been playing the Trial games i downloaded from Xbox Live.
get oblivion

strong recommendation by someone that has spent most of his life of computer games before he actually smartened up a little and started making up for all the things he missed out on

Hitman - Blood Money
for Xbox 360
Bockaaarck said:
I downloaded a demo from a site, and then bought the whole thing for e7

Its basically the original re-coded for XP, its great :D
anyways take a look at the cover
tell me what do certain letters remind you of? :evil: :D

aye another world that brings back memories

and on this topic. nothing unbeliavable but i have nothing to play
not really interested in morrowind its just not as contageous as oblivion
football manager 2006 also doesn't hold me as the previous ones did