Tour 2008 - somewhere back in time

iron aris said:
Will Iron Maiden come to Greece this year?

Date: August 2, 2008
Venue: Terra Vibe Park
City: Athens
Country: Greece
Description: Tickets go on sale to the public 10.00 am on Tuesday December 18th.

If you visit the Iron Maiden website it is on there :roll:

iron aris said:
Is there any kind of playlist for these concerts?

Yes there will be :D

And it will be the same as the first one :D
here is the official Tshirt of the french MaidenForum :banana: :banana:

I have to buy it btw 8)


and many others on this link :wink: ... 0-0-0.html
apparently, they definitely won't play 7th son during this tour :cry: :cry:

and rumors are running about the fact they could play the same set list that the LAD + can i play with madness and heaven can wait
SKY NEWS will be accompanying Iron Maiden to India for the first show of their monumental and groundbreaking SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME WORLD TOUR. They will be covering the band leaving the UK in their customised Boeing 757, flown by vocalist and Airline Captain Bruce Dickinson, the flight to India and their first concert of the tour in Mumbai.

Initial news of their departure will be broadcast on Sky News live from India on Friday morning Feb 1st at 0645, 0745 & 0845 GMT followed by a news package of the concert itself to run throughout the day on Saturday Feb 2 (news agenda permitting). There will also be 2 pieces on the website, one on Friday and another on Saturday. The web address is

Says Sky News Entertainment Correspondent Matt Smith: "We're really looking forward to following the band on tour to India. From flying their own plane, to playing loads of new and unusual cities, it looks like we've got loads of things to report on."

The band depart Wednesday morning for Mumbai to kick off the tour so if you are around the Stansted area keep an eye out for the plane taking off and flying past around 9am.
It sounds like the band has had a case of 'the shits' after starting the tour in India.

Kevin Shirley said:
been emailing Steve Harris back and forth as he and the rest of the Iron Maiden lads seem to have got Delhi Belly or Bombay Bum on their recent trip through there on Ed Force One , which left them feeling like the bottom had dropped out their world all through Australia, making it less fun than it really should have been.
Mon 6/2/08 Seattle, WA - White River Amph - on sale 3/8 10am
:headbang: :edmetal:
Ganjafarian said:
Mon 6/2/08 Seattle, WA - White River Amph - on sale 3/8 10am
:headbang: :edmetal:

im so amped for this. im so happy they are coming close enough for me too go see them... :banana: :edheadbang: