Tour 2008 - somewhere back in time


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afraidtoshooteddie said:
On the S.i.t. tour, maiden used a ship design on one of the backdrops, during Rime...
Is that what Ivan is thinking of?
this is what I thought that it is boat, to me that was like a boat
rockin_plumber said:


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here is some rumors (non officials) about the futur dvd 8)

Double DVD 'History Of... Part 2'

- 'Behind The Iron Curtain' (1984) - Documentary
- 'Live After Death" - Concert
- 'Somewhere On Tour '86-87' - Documentary & rare footage from the tour
- "Maiden England" - Concert
- 7 Videos Promo
- Extras (rares apparitions Tv, Interviews & Gallerie photo)

+ 'The Golden Years' - Documentary

out in September/October


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does anyone have the bigger version of that photo and the one used on their website with the pyramide in the background ? :(
pretty please
i'm sure it's gonna be the best tour ever! (or that's what iron maiden says... LOL )
But, it's iron maiden!! every tour, every show of them. is the best!!!!

I really want that they will come to Israel.
Fuck it.
They said that mybe they'll come... so I'll be waiting... :banana: :banana: :banana: :D