The awwwwwwwwwww thread

I am a bloke who likes things from slayer to kittens. This thread I would like to dedicate to either pets that people have themselves or animals on the internet that are nice. Up the fluffy animals and the irons. :bananallama:

I suggest everyone checks these guide horses. awww. some of them have trainers on and stuff. :banana:


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I like fluffy animals :) I sponsored an Orang at Monkey World in Dorset, South West UK. She's just had a baby a few month ago and she's lovely :D
that's well good. i want to do that, and i wish i had a kitten. :cry: bloody parents. I bet If I had one it would be well into Iron Maiden.


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i like this cute little kitten below. i simply love them. i have a huge poster of one of their kind on my wall

EDIT: sorry about that