Soulseek community for users unable to access DC!!!


You all are welcome :)

I have not been in a room for awhile. My job and other nice time consuming things takes too much time right now, but I will for certain be back after a month or two.

Take care guys and keep that room up and live :)


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hi my friends

my ss nick is dfg_novo

my 80gb hd has broken and i lost a lot of my maiden bootlegs....
but not before to backup some of them.... but now i only have a 10gb hd
and i can t let the mp3 in my machine permanently.... but tell me some bootlegs u are searching for and maybe i can help u, searching in my cds and make it avaliable if i got it..... i hope i can restore and increase my collection and to help other people to make the same..... well, u have much more boots than me, but well, who knows if i got that one u don t have? ;)



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My Username is GlenBenton666 and I wanna join, too. I have about 24 Boots and want to share them. I started yesterday in the Soulseek Software but can anyone explain me a bit how it works. I just seached for "Iron Maiden" and there where 1000 of files (also official stuff). I'm only interested in boots so what can I do to filter it? How can I download something from guys in the "Iron Maiden Bootleg" Room?



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hey im new to soulseek, and want to join
my nick pR

how does it work, i have to wait for someone to add me to their userlist before i can download?


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my user name is KevSev please add me to your list. PM if you add me and i will add you to mine.


Hi everyone:

I'm looking for a good quality video show of the No Prayer for the World tour.
I have around 100 Maiden bootlegs in audio and video if you want to trade send me a PM.