Soulseek community for users unable to access DC!!!


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I am new here. And also new at soulseek.
I have already searched voor the iron maiden room but ca'n't find it.
can anybody help me out. i also i have already found some boots, but i can't download. now i am in line or remotely queued.

what should i do?? i have read the Q&A several times and did everything as it is stated.


To find IM Bootleg room you have to refresh you room list. Right down is room list, click right button and choose refresh room list, after that our room should be in a list.

You cannot do much if your in a queue. In room there is easier to download boots because most of the users only share with room members.

Send me a message in slsk after you enter room and I include you to my list.



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I wanna join too, my name is maidenstuttgart and guess what I want to have? Yes, the Maiden Bootleg of 2003 in Stuttgart. I've already installed Soulseek and found the IM Room but no one seems 2 have it, but i saw it on metalprincess hp ;)


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one question

under sharing in soulseek i share a lot of stuff, most of them official and there is some porn :oops: do i have to change that if i wish to join?


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alright i finally got all my files in....the total is about 400.

-12maiden studio
-5bruce studio
-1black sabbath studio
-many other artists
-couple videos including blaze freaking out at someone
-dance of death live

add me please

user name

Hey everyone:

I'm kind of late, but I'm also using soulseek for about 3 months, and it just an excellent program.
I've added you to my users list.
My username is - Rayus. Feel free to add me to your users list.

Hey people, I've just joined today so I'm totally new at this, but I'm a huge metal fan, and Iron maiden especially, my nickname is:

Iron Monster