Question about "Non Maiden releases list"


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Do you want all other bands in it? Or do you want only 6-7 major bands that are interesting to more then few people in the hub? Or add third list for everything else?

What do you think?


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Leave all bands in it, it's very hard to define those major bands. To keep it small just delete the shows that were added some time ago. I don't think that a request for older shows would work at all, so deleting them would be no problem.
I don't know it depends on what bands will be in the list. Speaking for myself, as many of you have probably noticed, I collect all kinds of other metal bands and would be interested in getting them if possible. So at least 2 lists would be cool I guess. One for Maiden & related and one for everything else.



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Adding a third list makes the most sense to my since its hard to determine what 6-7 bands in the hub people are interested in the most....and it sounds like a pain in the arse to keep deleting shows that were added some time ago.(unless you are doing this already) :wink: As long as megadeth has its own list everything will be ok. LOL :banana: