Official SPAM thread


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There are festivals dedicated to spam. o_O

The Spam Jam is a week-long event in Minnesota, where spam is made. They have all kinds of crap going on including a spam eating competition.

Hawaiians also have a yearly spam festival. They eat more spam than any other state in the US. :eek:


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The Spam and Egg Gelatin Mold: when the horrors of spam and midcentury cooking combine :eek:

The top layer is made of spam, mayonnaise, gelatin and celery :|
The bottom layer is egg, gelatin, and tomato juice.

Spam cocktails :eek:

Brandon Phillips, The Duck Inn's beverage director and drink inventor, started by mixing lard with Spam and two different types of rum, and let that mixture sit overnight. Then strained the lard-liquors and blended the infused liquid with fresh pineapple juice, lime juice, orgeat syrup and bitters.

Lard AND spam together? How can anyone resist o_O