now thinking

I made oatmeal cookies. The secret ingredient was molasses, which I've never used before. I don't recommend smelling it - it has this really weird, funky odor. I had my doubts but once it's mixed in with the other ingredients you can't tell. And the finished cookies are good. :)
If the store had regular buttermilk, I would have tried that new cornbread recipe. I am not baking anything with the low fat version of any ingredient
The calathea has a couple new spikes that should turn into leaves soon. That thing is so dry and brown that I thought it was done for
Today I got to see a good friend who I haven't hung out with in months. It was great. We had dinner at a Mexican restaurant and got ice cream later. The ice cream was great; the Mexican food was mediocre to bad. Maybe my standards are too high but I have made boxed rice that tasted better than what they had. The tomatoes in my tacos weren't even ripe, among other things o_O