moives you have seen recently and your opinion of them

Elf. Yes I know it's been out nearly 20 years. err.gif I have missed a ton of movies over the years. Anyway, it was cute and funny.
The Matrix Resurrections. I thought it was pretty good. I've only seen the originals in bits and pieces, probably should watch them so I know more of what's going on. I did think the very last scene was a little cheesy, but clearly the filmmakers had a particular message they wanted to send. thinkingface.png
V for Vendetta

It was good. In this thread I've said that every movie is good lol.gif I'm really bad at reviewing stuff! I guess I wouldn't watch movies that suck or that I'm not interested in seeing.
Star Trek Beyond

I thought it was pretty good. Chris Pine was alright as Kirk though there is something about his face that puts me off. Zachary Quinto was alright as Spock but nobody will ever play that role as well as Leonard Nimoy. Zoe Saldana made a badass Uhura and John Cho was a good Sulu.
John Carpenter's Vampires. I thought it was good, the setting was cool, everyone was good in their role, though they made most of the main characters unlikeable.