moives you have seen recently and your opinion of them

One of those movies that was so bad it circled right back around to being good o_O

It's called Sorceress and it's from 1982. Sleazy sword and sorcery from Roger Corman, the king of B movies. Everything about it was terrible but that made it hilarious. :cool:

I liked the cover illustration and it was free to watch. It also wasn't that long.

Fiddler on the Roof - it was great! :eek:

It's 3 hours long and a musical but it was really well done. Lots of funny parts though the last hour gets quite sad :oops:
Cold Pursuit Starring Liam Neeson.

Great action thriller from start to finish, as usual Neeson picks off the bad guys one by one.
This time he's an angry snow plough driver.

Its like when movies are being cast, they look at the basic plot.....

Lead characters member of family gets murdered/kidnapped.
Lead character goes around killing the murderer/kidnapper and everyone else involved with that murderer/kidnapper.

And there is always one actor at the top of the list, or even on the list :confused: