Iron Maiden ROCKED Shanghai!! *SPOILERS*

Hello Maiden World! Iron Maiden rocked Shanghai the other night. It was my first show overseas. I've been here in China nearly four years now but I've been waiting to see Maiden in a place like Shanghai for twenty years. Ever since I first heard Somewhere In Time and saw the album cover twenty years ago, I wanted to see them in Asia. Shanghai is a perfect place to see them because the city reminds me of the Somewhere In Time album cover in many ways. The Raven's Age was awesome and it was my first time seeing them live. Iron Maiden was wicked AWESOME!! I'm so glad they kept the setlist the same. It was my first time hearing Children of the Damned live and hearing Powerslave live again brought back memories of when I saw them back in 2008 and when I listened to Powerslave at the pyramids when I visited Egypt back in 2010. Wasted Years brought back the memories of when I first got into Maiden and it was a great way to celebrate 20 years of being into Maiden. Blood Brothers brought back memories of the very first time I saw Maiden back in 2000. The Book of Souls songs brought back some fun memories from last year such as going to Jin Men in Taiwan (called Kin Men in Taiwan). I was jumping around like I was 16 all over again. I accidently left my Maiden shirt in America so I wore my Star Wars shirt. My kidney stones were giving me pain so I couldn't jump around as much but I still sang my heart out! I remember back when I was on the IMBB when some people complained about the shortened setlist at the show I attended in Worcestor, Massachusetts and when people complained when they only played in New York and Los Angeles back in 2003 and others telling them that they should be thankful for giving them a chance to see them. I have something to be more than thankful for! I saw Iron Maiden in my second home country and a historical city! They made great memories come alive again and they gave me a great new memory! Thank YOU IRON MAIDEN!! UP THE IRONS!!!! :edmetal: :edmetal: :edlighter: :edlighter:


The Plumber That Rocks
Great review!!
Glad you had such a good time!

They're only doing Download over here which does piss me off a bit!
Maybe they will announce a December tour after Download.
I will be even more pissed if they don't!

Its a bit of a cop out really, turn up with ur gear play, then off to the next country.
Nice way to treat ur home fans :(
Great to see you Rockin' Plumber, long time no see :)
I also hope that Maiden will do more shows in England, hopefully next year or the year after. It would be awesome to see them in their home country. I hope to see them in London but I would also love to see them in Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, or even at the Download Festival. After I finish my contract here in China I'm going to try to earn my Masters Degree. I've been here for four years but its hard to leave when I have so many friends here. I've already applied to two schools in England and I will apply to a third university, maybe in York. I already applied to a university in East Anglia and Queen Mary University in London and I already sent my transcripts and two letters of recommendation from my former teaching jobs. I've seen Maiden six times now and I plan on seeing them for a seventh time. I'm really glad they didn't change the setlist but if they do another history tour or a different theme, I hope they will play some Final Frontier songs and the Brave New World title track alongside Book of Souls songs, and perhaps some 90's songs like Lord of the Flies, Futureal, Be Quick or Be Dead, or Public Enema Number One. It would also be great to hear Out of the Shadows or The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg again.