Breaking news!!!

I don't know how widely this has been reported, but people really enjoy fucking with the orange shit-gibbon.

His team held a press conference after the election. They thought they had booked it at the Four Seasons Hotel; it was actually a little landscaping business called the Four Seasons. Their presser was held in a crappy parking lot between a sex shop and a crematorium. eddiebeer.gif

The orange shit gibbon spent three million dollars to recount Wisconsin's votes and they ended up finding even more votes for Biden eddiebeer.gif
Alright so, this is happening right now, the vice president would not overthrow the US election results so trump sent an angry mob after him. The angry mob has breached the capitol building and the secret service has escorted the vice president to safety through underground tunnels.
This is what happens when you let bullies like trump get away with all sorts of shit. He will turn on anyone because he only cares for himself. :|
All the buildings in the US Capitol Complex are now under lockdown following a security threat from Trump supporters, forcing Congress to recess during a joint session to formally count Electoral College votes.