Best Bruce Dickinson solo album?


Tattooed Millionaire
Balls To Picasso
Alive In Studio A
Accident Of Birth
Chemical Wedding
Scream For Me Brazil
Tyranny Of Souls

I know what I think... what do you all think?
I wholeheartedly agree, but I was hoping a discussion would ignite. Where are all the fervant Skunkworks fans?
I never really got inspired by Bruce's solo stuff...

If Wicky's cat hadn't thrown up on her keyboard she would certainly be able to discuss this....

But she is probbaly still scraping it off LOL LOL
Nice. I loved Accident of Birth and Chemical Wedding. I think they're masterpieces on caliber with Powerslave and Number. Tyranny of Souls is good, but it was a bit rushed I think. I think everything that Roy Z touches is gold though... he even helped out Rob Halford in his time of need. He produced the great Halford/Dickinson collaboration The One You Love To Hate.

Though I like all of Bruce's solo stuff... Tattooed Mill is the weakest I think, but Son Of A Gun is a great song.

Still, you need to listen to Chemical Wedding's The Tower or The Book Of Thel.
Tattooed Millionaire is really neat. Jan did a great job on that.

Chemical Wedding is a little too on the satanic side to truly enjoy with peace.
They're all great albums but here's my list:

Accident of Birth
The Chemical Wedding
Tyranny of Souls
Balls to Picasso
Tattooed Millionaire

Best Live Album: Scream For Me Brazil