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    Favourite Number Song

    Public Enema Number One!!! :edmetal:
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    Hm that makes sense
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    Greatest Maiden Riff?

    All of Losfer Words :D
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    Best song from the reunion era????

    Age of Innocence :evil:
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    Volunteer in Africa!

    We have enough problems in America.
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    Bush To Be Dictator In A Catastrophic Emergency

    .............This is why we need a Ron Paul kinda guy. And we need to keep our guns.
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    Well put. 8)
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    most powerful album

    Hmm.. It's tough. But I think Dance of Death (yea) is the most moving and empowering to ME. No More Lies, Journeyman, Age of Innocence.. They are great. :edmetal: Is DoD underrated? Think so. :(
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    Dave Mustaine vs. Kirk Hammet

    And you, Ed_The_head? :metal: :edmetal:
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    Dave Mustaine vs. Kirk Hammet

    I personally think Megadeth is a beeter band, only because they aren't so thrashy. They have more song variance than Metallica. But trust me I love them both :)
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    Your views on the legalisation of cannabis

    But doesn't it grow wild in Malaysia? Due to the climate?
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    about Maiden in general chat

    37 days! :edmetal:
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    What Gigs Are you going to?

    Seeing Maiden on June 12th!! :D :D :D
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    now thinking

    Was he drunk or suicidal? Or both? :shock:
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    now thinking