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    Why Iron Maiden sucks

    k u nerd and ur sci-fi books are not welcome here..go away and kill yuorself u dont belong int his world
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    whats your favourite new maiden song

    mine usto be longest day..stilla good song..but i took a liking to out of the shadows i also like the piligrim
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    favourite brave new world song

    its hard to pick between the wickerman and out of the silent planet but im gona have to go with out of the silent planet
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    What is The best maiden solo?

    cant beleavie no one said this all the solos in dance of death is amazing listen :banana:
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    need ur im fans dissions

    lol the cover is soo funny :banana:
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    Favourite bands apart from maiden

    bands i like 1.iron maiden bands i hate floyd 3.children of bodom Ac/dc sucks crapy poo 4.metallica Pantara (only good song is cowboys from hell) flames Favourite song -brighter then a thousand songs -longest day!!!!
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    need ur im fans dissions

    k i my class does this thing every week called T.U.S.C totally unqie speaking club and we get assigned jobs like news,music,reviews,i was review i love iron maiden and lots of people in my class to so i wanted to review a iron maiden cd..but i cant diced witch won i want to do a matter of life...
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    umm i got this..

    umm dont realy know whAT to do but i got live after death record i've been trying to sell it...e-mail me at if interested ... df1574.jpg songs...there all live Side 1. intro 2.Churchill's speech 3. Aces high 4 two minutes to...
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    drugs and alcohol

    drugs are bad mkayy achals bad makyy dont do achaole makyy --Mrs.macky south park :banana:
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    the trooper/hallowed be thy name...

    not realy the onley thing similer is that there both one of iron maidens greatest songs
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    best all time song (Peice Of Mind)

    defedntly trooper or revaltions but trooper is one of the greatest metal songs so im gona have to go with trooper
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    Favorite Eddy Look!

    Fear of the dark or piece of mind and i dont much care for the orginal but i love killers and live after death(i have that album on record):)[/img]
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    COBs revision of "the trooper"

    i like cob but i dont think there iron maiden cover songs are good (try listening to are you dead yet?)
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    most powerful album

    By most powerful i mean like.makes you feel good powerful lyrics(bruce dickison does lyrics so you know its gona be good :banana: )and stuff like that my album i think is a matter of life and death becasue the lyrics are soo high pitched and lots of the songs make me feel good and i usally...