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    Brass Monkey - Beastie Boys
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    whats your favourite new maiden song

    right you are, girly. it's strong and tells about the passion people have for their country
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    Show thyself

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    monuments you already seen or that you'd like to see

    i'd like to see the sphinx and pyramids in Egypt or the concert on the World Piece tour when the band killed Eddie
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    hello thread!

    hello, i wish i was on here the same time as you guys, that'd be cool but alas, i am on here when you are sleeping :(
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    the Monk marathon on all day
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    Your ideal setlist

    which i will most defianatly see. i'm still scarred from not being able to see the '05 tour :cry: at least i saw this year :banana:
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    Bye Bye Thread

    :| its been relativly dry here, and its only snowed twice this winter...pretty strange bye guys, you're probably all sleeping now anyways so....
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    bed time

    hope everyone sleeps good :D nighty
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    if wicky stops smoke again, i will :err:

    i'm 13 and have no desire to smoke. smells nasty. there's people who do it at school and their teeth are disgusting :shock:
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    hello thread!

    hey, hows everyone doing on this lovely day? :banana:
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    now thinking

    that would end up badly if you forgot! why cant everyone just be bald, it'd be so much easier...but when you take a shower, what would you do? rub your bald head with shampoo? what would be the point of that? :?
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    the trooper/hallowed be thy name...

    LOL well, as long as he's got a damn good come back......
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    Your ideal setlist

    HAHA :withstupid: LOL