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    new in here ...

    Hello! And welcome aboard!
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    what do you think about dimmu borgir

    ^ It's not CoF's, it's from band called Graveworm.
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    MS:n ja kumppaneiden uudet sivut

    ^ Eikös se diktaattori MS niin sanonut?
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    Now Playing

    Yngwie J. Malmsteen's Rising Force - Prophet of Doom
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    Paras Maidenin levy? Perusteluja

    Seventh son of a Seventh son.
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    Readingin '81 keikka Samsonilta on meikäläisellä koneella (waretus on syntiä, tiedetään... :roll: ) ja se on ihan mukavan kuuloinen. Bruce osasi jo tuolloin huudattaa yleisöään. Kyllä jos Maidenista pitää, luulisi Samsoninkin uppoavan.
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    Now Playing

    Bruce's Man of Sorrows in Spanish. Hooombree Tristee :headbang:
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    what a shame ...

    Well, that's one way to take off innocent Maiden-fans money...
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    Is The Hub Down Today?

    Hoorray, it's working!
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    what do you think about dimmu borgir

    Dimmu is ok. Nothing too special, but still...
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    First Maiden Album You Listened

    Virtual XI
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    The Smiley Thread

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    your first bootleg?

    My first complete bootleg was Give me Ed Helsinki, bootleg from 30. 6. 2003 Helsinki gig.
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    Now Playing

    Anthrax - Remember Tomorrow
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    Iron Maiden covers

    What do you think about these Maiden covers, like Cradle of Filth: Hallowed be Thy Name, Children of Bodom: Aces High, Anthrax: Remember tomorrow and so on and so on? Are they great or bulls*it?