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Should cannabis be legal?

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Rockhardchick666 said:
Oh, I'm gonna be a whore, because my government will let me.. yes, that makes sense.

In that case...


Let me be the first to offer my services to Represent, Bitch. LOL

For a nominal fee, of course
There are so many ailments that can be cured or eased by Cannabis, that I personally find it surprising that it is not on prescription.
I have heard that some Doctors will give you a letter, (to say it's would help with your particular ailment,) for you to give to a 'licenced' provider.
The letter I hear covers the 'provider'.
I did tackle my Doctor about it, he said I would have to be referred to a 'Neurologist', who would only prescribe it if I had 'M.S'. (Multiple Sclerosis'.) So he was pretty sure I could not get it 'legally'. :?
There are just not enough people with conditions that it would help campaigning for it, or it would be available on 'script. :|
In my country possessing cannabis is illegal and is punishable by hanging. It is true that cannabis can be turned into a medicine instead of a harmful drug.
Personally, I think it should be available on the 'N.H.' as it helps a lot with conditions like 'Fibremyalgia', by relaxing the muscles a little, thus reducing the pain.

It is also for good for various 'complaints', especially 'Womens monthly' and most kinds of tension or muscle pain.

In India, they feed the elderly on 'Hash Bang', (warm milk and crumbled resisn.)