Your IP has been banned due to possible brute force attack?


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Can someone help me? I have been banned and don't exactly understand why:

Your IP has been banned due to possible brute force attack.

What does that mean?

I haven't been on the hub for about 10 days (technical problems) and today I wanted to start sharing again and got disconnected cos I'm banned.



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I don't think so - as long as my comp worked correctly I always logged in automatically at startup. When I re-installed my DC today I typed it wrong ONCE.... :?

But: how can I get un-banned?


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I talked to McNurse in PM-chat and he didn't know why I'm un-banned either. I thought someone had done it but that doesn't seem to be so.

I don't know why I'm un-banned suddenly :?


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Please i'm banned please remove ban

I'm banned i dont know why.
PLEASE remove my ban i'm out 7 days and i dont know what to do!!!!!


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Now everyone in this thread is no longer in the banlist.

Remember to behave, and you won't get on the list! :eek:


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I was banned because i tried to connect nickname jauno instead of Jauno.
One capital letter was wrong so could some one un-ban me.