you know what...... i'm happy

It was really nice to look around the craft store today. They had more clay colors this time and they always have a 20% off coupon running. I also got a slightly shorter and easier train trip back. :) Plus I'm all happy because I'm going to try a miniature cake this time anorak.png
I ordered some more clay colors so I can make more tiny food! dancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gif

I got a nice discount too, with their 20% off code and a $5 coupon dancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gifdancingbanana.gif
I figured out how to untwist my headphone wires and keep them from twisting up again.

Switch to wireless or earbuds? NEVER!! edfinger.gif
I saw Rage Against The Machine last night and they were fucking amazing :cool:

It was completely unplanned; my friend asked me about 2 and half hours before it started