What is The best maiden solo?

Surprised that no one has mentioned the solo featured in "Fear of the dark"
which I think is outstanding.

Although I can understand why "Somewhere in time" is so popular.

Rainmaker has a good one too, but for me its "Fear of the dark".
To a degree I think you're all right in that it is an almost impossible task to decide as Iron Maiden have such a large body of impressive work to choose from. However, forced to make a decision I'd have to go for Stranger in a Strange Land as it simply has everything you could ask for in a solo: a very memorable melody; effective interpretation of the song and some faster widdly bits as well. As solos go it has to be pretty much ideal. I wonder which solo Adrian Smith would choose as his favourite?
'The Assassin' has an incredible fancy lead (the second one).
I think that it might be Janick???
It just seems a tad fresh or dangerous and could be the new blood of Janick flowing!?
(not that Mr. Murray doesn't have it in him - that's why I question it)

But, give it a listen, it is well worth your time.
The Duellists has excellent solos... mainly Smith's solo...

Caught Somewhere in Time, Sea of Madness, Rime of the Ancient Mariner,Powerslave

in my view, Somewhere in Time, Powerslave and Dance of Death (albums) has the greatest solos
Ok.. for me Only the good die young has an amazing solo made by Adrian. Also Phantom of the opera... I am not talking about it... Dave is a real master of his buisess! :D Then I can't but mention The trooper... or Caught somewhere in time (both solos). Actually most solos are good :) I think that it is a buisness of taste. :banana: