The Worst Set List

well this set list doesnt exist but would you imagine if we would have this? wouldnt really suck?

1. Prowler
2. Invasion
3. Como Estais Amigos
4. Lord of The Flais
5. Fortunes of War
6. The After Math
7. Mother Russia
8. The Educated Fool
9. The Trooper (I'm giving this song so the fans dont get too disapointed :D)

10. The Educated Fool
11. The Nomad
12. Brighther Than a Thousand Suns
13. Killers (this is song is not bad, but it's not the best one)
14. The Fugitive (not a bad song but it's not the best)
15. No Prayer for the Dying (not a bad song but im trying to put not the best stuff LOL )
16. Hooks in You
17. Tailgunner
18. The Angel and The Gambler

and the last where im gonna piss everyone off

19. Pass the Jam :wink:

Well, This set list doesnt exist i just made it up, it is more like a parody, anways im a big maiden fan and i was trying to make something funny out of something very serious that is the Set List :bananadance: bye bye
There are a ton of really good songs in that list!

I don't think that it is possible for Iron Maiden to ever have a "bad" or "worst" set list!
(even if 'Pass The Jam' was included -- I LOVE that song!)