The Legend of Zelda; The Triforce's Curse


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Chapter 1:

As Legend tells us, there was a man of almighty power. This power he used for evil. His name was known by only one person, that person was known as `The Hero of Time'. This is the legend of time.

The land of Hyrule was a peaceful land, the sun was there always until night, no bad weather at all. Inside the Hyrule Castle was a woman, this woman was the Princess, Princess Zelda. Her life was grand, and she had never had a bad day in her 14 year life. She was in the garden with her father sunbathing.
"Oh, a lovely day isn't it dear Zelda?" asked Zelda's father.
"Yes father, as always." Zelda replied smiling.
Just then Zelda felt a drip on her arm, she looked at her arm and wiped a small drop of water off. She looked at the sky but everything was normal. She stopped wondering and lay back again and shut her eyes. The light shining on her eyelids went black and she opened her eyes, the sky was grey and the sun was red. Zelda stood up in shock "Father, what has happened to the sun?!" Zelda asked but her father never replied. She turned to face her father and he was gone "Father?!" she shouted, but still no reply. Soon there was red smoke around the sun, like a spiral, it was spinning out of control, then there was an explosion in the sky and the front castle wall was knocked down by the wind. When the smoke cleared, the sun was black, no longer an eternal flame. Zelda ran to the exit arch but it was knocked down by a fireball shooting from the sun. She screamed and fell back, laying there helpless she prayed for a hero to save her. The ruins of the walls started to move and a rock was moved, Zelda looked under the rocks and saw brown boots.
"Haarg! Hayaaa! Yuuuurg!" shouted the person on the other side shouted attacking the rocks, Zelda stood back and the last rock was lifted, there was a sillouhete standing at the arch.
"Get out!" said the man. and Zelda ran under the rocK. She ran and her rescuer followed fighting off the enemies around them.
They reached the bottom of the castle and ran across the rope bridge into the field. They then dived into a river to avoid the explosion of the castle. All of a sudden the explosion happened and Zelda wondered of where her father went. Under the water shot a huge ammount of heat as the explosion drifted above them.
As the explosion dissapeared Zelda and her rescuer got up from the water. Zelda looked at her rescer, clothed in green, a pointy cap and long blonde hair, he smiled at her and she smiled back.
"I am Link, the hero of time." said Link, Zelda's rescuer.
"I am princess Zelda, it was very brave of you. However may I repay you?" asked Zelda as they both got to the river bank.
"I wouldn't want an repayment, but I sense there are more people in need," said Link looking around "I think I know who did this, and he'd attack anyone to rule Hyrule, his name is Ganondorf." Zelda looked shocked as she heard the name. "Is there something wrong princess?" asked Link.
"Ganondorf? My father knows him. Do you think he's taken my father?" asked Zelda.
"I don't know, but he his capable of anything, this would be my 6th time defeating him." said Link. There was silence.
"Go on your uest great hero. And if you can, find my father." said Zelda.
Link got up, bowed and pulled put a golden ocarina. He put it to his mouth and played a song. Then there was running noises, like a horse. It was a horse, running over the horizon. The horse came to Link and leaned over for Link to climb on it's back. Link climbed up, he then looked at the princess and took off his hat to Zelda and rode away.
Zelda was in a trance, she knew she would meet him again.

The next day

Link had been travelling through fields of enemies and defeated them all. But he was now in a bad situation. He was surrounded by enemies and his horse had been shot dead. He had his sword and shield ready to fight, and then the first blow of enemies attacked. There were four legged spider creatures, giant scorpions, goblins and orkish creatures. He sliced the a goblin and killed a scorpion, but there was plenty more to kill. Just then as Link keeled down and surrendered there was a figure in blu, covered in bandages, about 14 years old with the Triforce pattern on his back. He had a hook shot and shot it throguh three Orkish'. He then pulled out two rounded blades and used them as boomerangs killing off a goblin and a scorpion. Link got off his knees and somersaulted over three goblins killing them, the person in blue went back to back with Link and whispered to him "Follow my lead, hero." Link nodded his head and acted like a mirror to the person in blue, Just then Link backflipped and landed his feet on the mans back and the man flipped him forward. Doing a multiple somersault he threw down a deku seed and there was a big flash. Link and the man dissapeared.
"Who are you?" asked Link staring at the man.
"The person who needs to repay you, I think I did." said the man as he dissapeared into the water.
"I have the feeling I'll meet you again." said Link under his breath.

.:To Be Continued:.